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Tablets put everything you need right at your fingertips, from Surfing the web, Facebooking to playing Games and reading your email. While these devices started as mere PC companions, they’re becoming powerful enough for all your computing needs. The trick is getting the right slate for you.

While the iPad continues to be the best-selling tablet, there are plenty of compelling alternatives. Affordable 7-inch slates like the Asus FonePad and Samsung Galaxy Tab deliver snappy performance and easy access to apps and content. Also, Samsung offers a wide range of tablets in multiple sizes, including models with pen input. Meanwhile, Windows 8 slates and hybrids target more productivity minded shoppers.

General Sizes of Tablets

There are 3 general sizes of tablets available on the market:

7 to 7.9-inches (Small)

These are tablets with screen sizes measuring 7 to 8 inches diagonally across the screen. Tablets of this size are usually lower priced and under-powered compared with larger tablets. However, small tablets are much more portable and usually fit more easily into purses and small bags. Some can even fit into pockets, depending on their width.

Since they can easily be held in one hand, 7-inchers make much better e-reader alternatives compared with larger tablets, especially if you like to read in bed.

For those with smaller hands, limited space, or if you simply don’t want to carry around something larger and potentially heavy, 7-inch tablets are the best entry points into the market.

8.9 to 10.1 inches (Medium)

This is the category where most mainstream tablets fall into. Medium-size tablets offer larger screens and higher resolutions than their 7-inch counterparts. Larger screens are better suited to movie watching, and certain games will benefit from the increased size.

Medium-size tablets by and large have faster processors, and because of their larger screens, they provide a unique experience that isn’t quite matched on smaller tablets. Games feel more interactive, movies and TV shows, more immersive.

Though I’d much rather read a book on a 7-incher, but for movies and games, medium is just nice.

Over 10.1 inches (Large)

There are currently very few tablets that meet this criteria, but many upcoming Windows 8 tablets will. Thanks to their larger size and hardware keyboards, manufacturers have started calling these “hybrids,” in that they’re both tablets (portable, touch screens) and laptops/PCs (full Windows 8 compatibility, faster processors). It should be interesting to see where prices land for these large tablets like the 13-inch Toshiba Excite.

In this site, we attempt to review the top 7 popular tablet brands in Singapore and rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on design, features, performance, battery life and value. The very best tablets make our top list, which should make your shopping as easy as tapping on an app.

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